Skills Academy


Answering the challenge of acquiring certifiable skills as a means of entering yjr job market, ATHINA Educational Network created Skills Academy and developed programmes of theoretical and practical training.
Based on European standards and guidelines provided by the Greek National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP), we establish collaborations with professional sectors and scientific personnel from the fields of education and research and we organize Working Groups.

Skills Academy implements actions proposed by these working groups, thus offering the market a scientifically validated methodology of certification.
This system of certification of skills, knowledge and abilities is based upon the candidate’s former training and experience and fills in the gaps existed in the Greek official education system. It’s aim is to provide alternatives to those wishing to become more mobile in the job market and to acquire competitive high-value skills.



Inno-vare = do something new

Innovation is the deliberate search for new ideas or the search for new uses of old ideas in order to add social or economic value. Collaboration, team work, mentoring, networking, exchange of knowledge, problem solving, critical thinking, interdisciplinarity and team management are some of the abilities necessary for innovation.

Innovating skills offer the ability to adapt to the modern reality of the job market by taking into consideration:

  • New technology
  • New working conditions
  • Global and local economy


In a world which always moves forward, one’s acquired skills make one able to cope with the challenges posed by the rapid changes in the job market. Inside this constantly evolving environment one can develop new and improved strategies, skills, products, processes and services, some of which are: Risk Assessment, Team Management, Communication and Implementation Skills.

Finally, as management expert Peter Ducker points out in his paper “The Discipline of Innovation”, innovation is more hard work than inspiration. It takes knowledge and dedication.