ATHINA Educational Network

ATHINA Educational Network is an independent civil non-profit organization with a main focus of planning, implementing and executing certified educational programmes. ATHINA plans and implements actions in the fields of education, culture and tourism focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. We collaborate with other organizations in order to create programmes of high-quality, European standards and achieve our goals in Athens and Crete. Through Collaboration, Networking and, ultimately, the Spreading of achieved results, we contribute to the evolution of a civil society.


ATHINA Network offers:

  • Targeted Educational Actions with Environmental and Cultural character
  • Spreading of all actions’ outcomes into society
  • Collaboration with local organizations and civil society enhancement



  • Partnerships with Local Communities (Boroughs, Institutions, etc.)

In order to enhance civil society, we plan and develop targeted actions in order to mobilize mainly young adults so they can either effectively utilize their already acquired skills or develop their chosen profession with new innovating tools. Our target is to strengthen local entrepreneurship and collective conscience.

  • Cultural Mapping Initiatives

Unifying and promoting cultural points of interest aiming to enhance local tourism.

  • Greek language learning / homo grecus / lang-core / We word the world

Greek language learning and the associated cultural elements combined with Cultural Mapping they form an alternative motive for educational tourism.

  • Skills Academy

Answering the challenge of acquiring certifiable skills as a means of entering the job market, ATHINA Educational Network created Skills Academy and developed programmes of theoretical and practical training.

Skills Academy focus

Skills Academy main focus is to enhance professional confidence and promote personal skills, especially for young adults.

Our target groups are:

  • Young adults looking for guidance and targeted updates for their professional advancement.
  • Graduates looking for a career change.
  • Working individuals looking for specialized skill training relevant to their sector.
  • Individuals looking for training in modern specialties.

Geographic Range

ATHINA Network is mainly active in Crete and the wider area of Athens networking communities in a European level.

Action field

ATHINA is a member of various Greek and European networks. At the same time, via European programmes, ATHINA is active in networks from other European countries targeting issues of education and certification, contributing to the development of a common European platform of certification of informal skills and promoting information and awareness in a local level.

Hence we have signed a Memorandum of Collaboration with the Municipality of Oropedio Lasithiou and Kambaneio Institution.

Our ultimate goal is to promote social entrepreneurship, mainly in the fields of agriculture and tourism, via educating and raising awareness in the local community of the Lassithi Plateau.

Structure and Collaborations


  • Main office (Rethymno)
  • Lifelong Learning Centre (Rethymno)
  • Accommodation facilities for 18 people (Psychro, Lasithi)
  • Event Hall (Psychro, Lasithi)


  • Event Hall (Athens)

Services offered by ATHINA Network’s specific actions

  • Mentoring
  • Psychological support
  • Professional mentoring, Interview techniques and job market promotion.
  • Skills training
  • Additional support services


  • Collaborations and affiliations with mutual benefits for all parties involved.
  • Spreading of all actions’ outcomes to local societies.
  • Targeted Actions with Environmental and Cultural footprint.