Clio Muse is a SaaS platform of publish and resale digital cultural routes and is comprised of a mobile application and an administration panel: 

  • Clio Muse APP is the award winning mobile application of Clio Muse. It shares multiple digital themed tours for each destination and it is used by travelers as a tour-guide app
  • Clio Muse CREATE is the administration panel of Clio Muse. It is used by content providers (Cultural Institutions, Museums, Touristic Businesses, etc) to publish and / or resell digital tours


Ωmega Schools (Ωmega Institute of Vocational Training, Lifelong Learning Centre 2 and Ωmega Aviation Academy) provide quality education and recognised degrees in distinct specialties which can ensure your professional career in the highly difficult and demanding Greek job market and abroad.

These are the premises upon which Ωmega Schools build the curriculum of all courses taught at the Ωmega Institute of Vocational Training, the Lifelong Learning Centre and the Ωmega Aviation Academy.


The H.A.E.A. is Non-Profit Organization, counting 1.860 members since the year 2004 when it was established. Cooperating at a national and international level with agencies, organizations and experts of the adult education field, the H.A.E.A. has organized international conferences, and provided numerous seminars and educational programmes. The “Adult Education” quarterly, the only of its kind in Greece, is issued by the H.A.E.A.


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