Digital Narrative for Trainers


The purpose of the seminar is to enable participants to identify and explain the structure of digital narrative and their role in the educational process, to familiarize them with the fundamental concept of effective learning through the use of digital tools and to explore opportunities and ways of development tools for digital narrative.

Participants will come in contact with modern models and tools to develop creative thinking, understand the role of technology in education and become familiar with the concepts of collaboration and learning in an international environment.

Target Audience

The seminar is aimed at teachers, kindergartens, teachers, pediatricians, pedagogical specialists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, pre-school and early childhood specialists in all specialties involved in education and / or intervention (psychological, pedagogical, special, occupational therapy, speech therapy).

Presentation Structure

The training combines the theory of digital narrative with practical exercises to create digital stories by the participants.

  • Definition of digital narrative and its role in education
  • Exploring opportunities and effective methods for creating digital narratives
  • Digital platforms and tools
  • The elements of a digital narrative: image, sound, text
  • Narration
  • Working with the structure of the text
  • Working with images: from theory to practice
  • Work with the sound
  • Create and evaluate a digital story