Determining Children Behavior


Limits exist everywhere and concern us all. The limits create the framework within which each person can coexist with his fellow human beings, where he can draw as much satisfaction and security as possible in order to evolve and create. The aim of the seminar is to familiarize the participants with a variety of methods and techniques regarding the delimitation of children and the formation of a theoretical background that will allow them to manage the delineation of children in the school and parenting environment.

Target Audience

The seminar is aimed at parents, teachers, kindergartens, pediatricians, pedagogical specialists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, pre-school and early childhood specialists.

Contribution structure

The seminar will be conducted using methods and techniques such as lecture, discussion, group work, role playing and doll animation.

  • Concept of Discipline – Delimitation – Differences
  • Why it is important to use the limits
  • Understanding the behavior of children of primary school age. What a child with negative behavior is seeking.
  • How are the limits set?
  • Physical and Logical Consequences
  • Differences of Punishment and Logical Consequences: Examples of everyday life
  • Basic principles for implementing the logical consequences
  • Managing behavioral problems in the classroom: Adoption of rules – Creating a contract, convening a General Assembly
  • Training in conflict management skills
  • Teamwork – Workshops: Case studies